For a new anthology, Sixteen Rivers Press is seeking unpublished poems that respond to the cultural, moral, and political rifts that now divide our country: poems of resistance and resilience, witness and vision, that embody what it means to be a citizen in a time when our democracy is threatened.

Poets are encouraged to interpret this call broadly. We welcome voices raised in passion and in praise, whether lyrical, philosophical, visionary, or personal. Because we hope to create a wide-ranging conversation among the poems, this anthology will combine submitted contemporary work with previously published poems from other periods of unrest and upheaval.

Ends on May 15, 2017$3.00

Submit 1 to 3 unpublished poems, totaling no more than 3 pages in a single document in doc, doc.x, pdf or rtf with your name and email address at the top right of each page. The poem(s) must not have been previously published, in print or online. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but if the poem is accepted elsewhere, please notify us at (Doing so will allow you to withdraw a single poem rather than the entire submission.) 

There is a $3 reading fee to offset the operating costs of Submittable.

We expect to complete our selection by September 30, 2017; our scheduled publishing date is June 2018. Payment for publication will be two copies of the anthology.

This book will be nationally advertised and similar in scope and design to our first anthology, The Place That Inhabits Us, now in its fourth printing.